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Hello and welcome on the homepage of Gerard H. Pille, aka 'ghp'.

The system in Sint-Denijs has been replaced again, now by ghp-raspberry2. You can reach me at home, or via Marieanne.

Since october 1st 2018, I've retired. But IT is still my hobby, so would you have any problems with databases, internet or Unix/Linux, I've got all the time in the world to lend you a hand.

Be seeing you,

Geert (as I'm also known)

You are one of the counter rare visitors of my page.
This is for the family: December.
On 3/3/2002 we received a visit from Christian and Cathérine, and together we visited Bruges.
Our 5th birthday we spent with Christian and Cathérine, at the river Orne
At the end of october we paid another visit to our friends in Bretagne, and again at the end of february. In may 2001 we visited Maredsous and surroundings, in juin four kittens were born of which three survived, in a strange color(?)combination, and just as the previous year we spent july in the Cévennes, at camping La Forêt in Saint-Jean-du-Gard.
The last week of july 2001 is spent on my bike driving to Christian and Cathérine in Brittany. Did the same in 2002, but for that you have to visit ghp-raspberry2.